The Passion Behind Steele Bodies Bend


Owner & Trainer

I received my personal training certification through National Association of Sports Medicine in 2017.  However, prior to that, I have been in the fitness industry as a consumer for over 15 years; actually purchasing Steele Bodies from my prior trainer.  I am CPR/BLS certified through the American Heart Association.  I am also pursuing a certificate in nutritional coaching.

I am passionate about health and wellness for my clients.  I love to use functional movements mixed with plyometrics and weight training to keep my clients’ bodies in top functional capacity.  Keeping in mind everyone’s different limitations and abilities; lifting safely and joint health are my top priority.

While not working I enjoying being with my husband and 6 year old son and our 3 fur babies.  My hobbies include weightlifting; hiking; camping; and mountain biking.

I look forward to helping people on their journey to ultimate health and wellness!



With 30 years experience, Scott is dedicated to helping his clients make the best use of their resources through time effective workouts, proper nutrition, and implementing low volume, high intensity workouts. Recovery, frequency, duration and intensity results in the best possible strength increases, injury prevention, flexibility and a calculated road map to getting lean, strong and improving athletic ability. Scott uses free weights to insure bone density, connective tissue and lean mass increases as well as machines and body weight exercises to meet all potential needs and client related goals.

Scott’s primary goal, to provide longevity, strength and injury prevention with the highest level of human performance when we need it. Daily life offers many challenges when we train correctly we can enjoy all aspects of life, not being limited due to strength both physically and mentally. Come see Scott for a workout and get the tools you need to reach your full potential.



I played many high school sports and found that training was the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of athletics. Conquering obstacles and seeing a progression of change was so addicting and positive that I knew fitness was my path for a livelihood. I then pursued a B.S in Exercise science at Idaho State University to further my knowledge and experience to provide the best training I could to my clients and friends. Through my journey of many different fitness fields and sport specific training, I decided to move to Bend Oregon to support one of the fittest cities west of the Mississippi. Becoming a part of a driven town has propelled my career and fitness to an elevated level.

Continuing to better my clients and myself is what I live for. I provide training for people with the intention of making them a better version of themselves. Everyone needs a helping hand some time in life and providing fitness as that help is the most fulfilling accomplishment I can achieve daily. Life is a never ending workout and tailoring my programming to each individual insures that no matter what life obstacles we face, we will be fit and healthy to combat them.



Dani became passionate about fitness when she began her own journey to health 7 years ago.  After years of  being overweight and sick, she regained her health and is now extremely passionate about sharing what she continues to learn to help others.

Dani uses a combination of strength training and functional cardio to create quick, effective full-body workouts that will build lean muscle mass while burning fat simultaneously. Her primary goal is to help people fall in love with fitness so it doesn't feel like a defeating chore - she believes fitness should feel GOOD!

When she isn't training her clients, she is likely adventuring, hiking or camping - all with her 1 year old daughter attached to her hip.  Contact Dani to get motivated on your own fitness journey today!



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